Learn About Our Ministries

White Oak Baptist Church offers different opportunities for you to grow, learn, and share you abilities and gifts. From our online radio presence lightradio.online to members giving back to the community through actions of love in meeting needs, White Oak Baptist Church has a ministry to fit your abilities and gifts. Read on to find out more!

Sunday Services

White Oak Baptist Church provides our community of faith with the tools, wisdom, and resources they need to be grounded in the Word for everyday living. Our Sunday on-campus Bible study (and soon to come off-campus during the week studies) was established with an aim to equip you to study the scriptures and provide a place to share with others your discoveries in the Word. Each of our classes is designed for individuals and family to be brought closer together.

Sunday Worship Services

Sunday Worship at White Oak Baptist Church is designed to provide an encounter with the living God through prayer, praise, and a Bible based message. Sunday Worship provides an encouragement to live in Christ, a counsel for faith in Christ, a comfort that is found in Christ, a conviction that leads to confession so that we may be in Christ.


An online steaming radio ministry, lightradio.online is on outreach of White Oak Church. Butch Bentley, General Manager is committed to providing uplifting, Christ-centered music and programming that will encourage your Christian living. Learn more about this ministry on the radio website. White Oak Sunday morning worship is broadcast each week at 11 a.m.

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